Drawing from a whole world of inspiration, Abraska creates a new sound, pulsing with vibrancy and vitality. Take a pinch of French cabaret and dress it in bright pop melodies, add the bittersweet mournful cry of saxophone beside the sunny smile of ukulele and vocal harmonies, underpin it with a samba beat, then a shuffle, then a proud march. It’s unpredictable, delightful – a unique blend that comes from the sound of travelling, the influx of different cultures, rhythms, people and sounds.



Globally infused Abraska (FKA Conchillia) are unpredictable & delightful, creating a unique musical blend that comes from the sound of traveling, the influx of different cultures, rhythms & people. Incorporating vocals, horns, guitar, bass and drums, Abraskas Worldy-Indie-Pop tunes range from lyrical Caribbean dance tunes, to soaring narrative ballads bedded deep in New Orleans gospel brass & harmonium music with crystal vocals sparkling above. Drawing on a whole world of inspiration they create a new sound pulsing with vibrancy & vitality.

Wrapping their lyrics in global beats Abraska create something new, shimmering with luscious, tuneful appeal.

Shimmering with creativity and luscious, tuneful appeal, Abraska proudly presents something new for those old ears of yours.

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