Local Revolution

Local Revolution is a group born from the streets of Adelaide. Formed by a collaboration of buskers, the diversity of their band extends from Latin America through to England, Italy, West Timor right back to Australians own Aboriginal roots

They are Adelaide’s 7 piece Afro Roots Reggae band. Experienced and passionate,they bring a new vibe to the people. No musical genre satisfies enough, as their music continually crosses world boundaries searching for that unique sound.


With catchy original songs, high energy crowd rocking shows, and a mash up of many musical genres, their positive vibrations relate to all people. From steady reggae vibes, Fela Kuti inspired afro beat grooves , to heavy political hip hop hooks, Local Revolution bring a huge sound that speaks of peace, love and unity.

Fused with Latin, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop and a strong passion for peace, unity and harmony their music is sure to get the crowd rocking. They are determined to inspire, move and lift any body and soul that crosses their path.

As one bystander once mentioned in their guest book while they were still in the streets “Take away the instrument and the words…and the music still remains!” A performance sure not to be missed.

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