Nuvo are back at their most beloved Adelaide venue Casablabla with an exciting new line up featuring the effervescent Dani Stratford on lead vocals and Michael ‘the man holding down the plan’ Winter on bass. Power levels will be at an all-time high as they blast through a blend of earth-shaking originals and select spicy covers drawing on styles such as Soca, Zouk, Soukous, Umbaqanga and Jit just to name a few. You can expect a bigger, better sound with a harmonious tri-vocal attack, bold and beautiful brass, skank’n keys, funk’n guitar and in the freak’n pocket grooves from the best rhythm -section going around town. They are super excited about the new line-up, the most dynamic and vibrant in the bands long history. They are gonna charge up the dance floor with an electricity that will put a big fat smile on your dial, make your spirit soar and blow the roof of the room. Bring energy to burn so you can shake it like yo mamma told ja. Come and feel the love. Le Nuvo amour.

Nuvo 2017


They grace our stage once again, Are you going to be part of it?




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