Fridays & Saturdays

Every Friday & Saturday Night at Casablabla, we aim to provide you with a unique experience. In fact, we aim to make you feel as though you have stepped out of Adelaide into an exotic utopia for the night.

With a variety of world music DJs, dancers, tribal dancers, the occasional serpent dancer (oh yes, its exactly what you’re thinking!), drummers and live bands from around the globe, weekends at Casablabla are bound to get your booty shakin’.

To see what bands are playing at Casablabla, head over to our Whats On Page.

Casa Belly Dancers

Beautiful, skilled dancers capturing the exotic heart of Arabia.

Fusion Belly Dancers Kylea and Lilly are joined by Internationally acclaimed Egyptian Belly Dancer Nayima Hassan and other guest dancers.

Together they combine sensuous movement and dynamic shimmies by utilising their individual personalities incorporating innovative choreography, elaborate  exotic costumes and evocative style involving various world music rhythms whilst creating a unique cutting edge style of entertainment.

Dance prop specialties include: sword, veils, fans, tambourine and zills (finger cymbals)

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Ruby Dhatura Tribal Bellydancers

Ruby Dhatura is the professional American Tribal Style® (ATS®) bellydance performance troupe of Cinnabar Red Dance Collective, under the direction of Evangeline Feary. Originating in San Francisco, ATS is a group improvisational dance format, with a movement vocabulary based on a contemporary fusion of Middle Eastern, Flamenco and Indian dance forms.

They are currently performing at 8:30pm every Saturday.

Ruby Dhatura Tribal Bellydancers

Ruby Dhatura Tribal Bellydancers

Like to try ATS belly dance yourself? Head over to their website or check them out on Facebook under ‘Ruby Dhatura‘ or ‘Cinnabar Red Dance Collective‘.

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Sambatuka Drummers

Sambatuka are a live Brazilian drumming act who will get you moving your feet and bring the sounds of Rio through your ears.

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