Sun of Africa Mask Dance

The African dance outfit ‘Sun of Africa’ dancers showcase their art.

There are few places in this world as steeped in the great traditions of Dance & Rhythm as West Africa, and it is from these African roots that an evolution has begun to take shape.
‘Sun of Africa’, is a company passionately dedicated to the Art of dance, rhythm and music, with a fresh new take on everything from dance classes, ‘Afrotonic’ fitness training and drumming workshops, and performances through to creating or facilitating colourful dance spectaculars, events and parades.
The vibrant and mesmerizing ‘Zaouli’ Mask dance, and the mystery and mystique of the indescribable ‘Sapro’ Mask dance accompanied by the high-energy rhythms of the djembe and the thrill of the big drums, are what have really enthralled audiences worldwide.


SOAProviding unique entertainment not only for large, public festivals but also private functions, ‘Sun of Africa’ can create a fabulous show tailor made for your next party, wedding or event, with a dancer and rhythm ensemble of various sizes to suite your venue and requirements. School dance workshops are another speciality for which we can also cater.
The creative force behind this exciting new Dance Company is the talented young dance star and choreographer Jean-Marc Agbogba from Ivory Coast. Fresh from his world tour with the Mother Africa Circus and formerly principal dancer/ joint director of the renowned Munlato Dance Company, Jean-Marc has based his new venture in Adelaide, South Australia.While acknowledging its origins in African cultural traditions, ‘Sun of Africa’, is a company aiming to push the limits of what dance and rhythm will mean in your life.

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