Triana Flamenco

TRIANA FLAMENCO Authentic flamenco at its best since 1995. Flamenco dance is the gypsy dance from Andalucia in the south of Spain. Directed by VERONICA VARGAS, labelled the ‘Face of Spanish Dance in Adelaide’ the group performs, promotes and produces flamenco productions.  Bold, colourful and exciting – this is South Australia’s No. 1 Spanish Flamenco Dance group providing professional, live, authentic entertainment.  Consisting of an array of musicians and dancers, Triana Flamenco boasts Australia’s only authentic Spanish Gypsy flamenco Singer – Salvador Flores Loreto Montoya – known as ‘el Titi de Algeciras’.



VERONICA VARGAS, the director of Triana Flamenco Dance Studio, the longest running flamenco school in Adelaide, lived and worked in Madrid and Seville, Spain. Her training included classes with the most eminent dance teachers in the flamenco world both in Spain and Australia.


Her many years of training establishes her as one of the most experienced dancers and teachers in Australia today.  Ms Varga has a long list of critically acclaimed Australian performances but for more information on her and classes

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